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  • Administration building consisting of 50 container modules, main area of 25.80 x 14.80 metres

  • Photo shop in the zoo,

    special measurements 6.00 x 4.40 m with a facade made of larch wood

  • Our production and administration office in Stadtlohn,


  • Loading a technical container for a biogas fermentation plant

➜ Container sites

Based on ISO standard containers we compile turn-key solutions which live up all currecnt demands and regulations.


Here we are displaying a few samples. These cover building sites or temporary solutions, offices, living quarters, washrooms, shower and toilet facilities up to warehouses, workshops and storage halls. Whether next, behind or on top of each other - our containers can be combined in any dimension up to the projected three-storey open-plan site.

Our containers consist of welded steel constructions with hollow and edged profiles. Flexible room divisions are possible by removing the interim walls. The position of doors and windows can be arranged individually, as well as the electrical and sanitary facilities, as long as the physics and statics are considered correctly.

Whether linoleum, tiles or carpet, under floor heating or air-conditioning, the furnishing can be designed and offered according to your own individual requirements. The interior design can be finished to your own needs and also comply with the necessary modern ergonomic workstation design in relation to the Workplaces Ordinance.





"Please talk to us. Our staff will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting."


Our standard solutions - based on the construction of ISO standard containers - are an economical alternative to other building systems.
They can be realised at short notice and are highly flexible.


Standard measurements:
Length: 6.058 mm
Width: 2.438 mm or 2.990 mm
Overhead clearance: 2.300 mm or 2.500 mm


Different overhead clearances can be arranged in our "Special solutions".
External height: 2.600 mm or 2.800 mm (The external height of the elements changes with an insulation of more than 120 mm!)

➜ The following services are part of our performance for the compilation of documents for the building application:

- the stability survey / the statics
- a foundation plan
- the heat consumption calculations and energy balance if applicable based on th energy saving regulation
- the footprint / elevation and cross-section drawings
- the welding survey according to the German standard DIN EN 1090


➜ Even with the "mobile standards" individual changes (at extra costs) are possible:

- a different facade design (trapezoid steel, flat sheet, bonded particle boards with structural finish, rendering etc.
- a different internal finish (with double-sided melamine resin plates in various designs, structural finish, plating of the walls or floors etc.)
- a high quality finish in sanitary facilities, electronic facilities (lighting etc.) as well as furniture etc.


➜ You decide:

- the position of windows, doors etc., their numbers, how many elements you wish to connect
- whether you require just the ground floor or a second or third level


➜ Basic frame

- welded steel construction made from hollow and rolled profiles in accordance with the German standard DIN EN 1090
- protective primer with 2-K primer 20-30 μm, varnish 80-120 μm with colour on polyacrylate base, in RAL colour of your choice
- the corners are fitted with corner castings, housed in 5 mm steel sheet
- the standard variety of this frame can be stacked two-high, in acc. with the statics, meaning a plant of 3 levels is possible with this basic frame: ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor


➜ Flooring from outside in

- 0.7 mm galvanized profile sheeting as a false floor, the sheets are riveted to the floor traverses as per statics
- minimum 80 mm insulation of mineral wool, product Prefizol, fire resistance as per German standard DIN 4102, k = 0.426 W/m²K or as applicable as per German regulation EnEV
- 0.2 mm polyethylene film as moisture barrier
- 19 mm (min.) chipboard V100, protective class F0 (free of formaldehyde), product Spanatex, DIN 68 763, screwed to profile steel girders (floor traverses as per statics)
- 1.5 mm PVC floor covering, laid in strips, glued, edges welded flush, wall/floor sockets sealed flexibly, a solid skirting board finishes off the walls
- bearing load of the floor: 2500 N/m², an increase of this bearing load is possible on request, arrangement and price on request


➜ Roofing construction form outside in

- 0.75 mm galvanized profile sheeting, bead depth 40 mm, ventilated, bearing fitted and fixed with special cornered roofing profiles as per statics, which are flush welded with the frame construction
- minimum 80 mm insulation with mineral wool, product Prefizol, fire resistance as per Germand standard DIN 4102, k = 0.465 W/m²K or if necessary as per Germand regulation EnEV
- 0.2 mm polyethylene film as moisture barrier
- 10 mm double-sided mealine resin plates, protective class F0 (free of formaldehyde), product Spanatex, as per German standard DIN 68 765, design white, riveted to steel traverses with aluminium rivets (roof traverses as per statics), the rivet heads are covered with matching plastic caps, all edges and corner joints are finished with special plastic strips
- the roof is calculated to stand a weight of 1250 N/m²


➜ Roof drainage

The roof drainage works via four PVC down pipes DN 60 within the corner poles, fixed to a pipe socket in the upper container boxes.
On request and at a higher cost we can deliver your container with a pitch roof or cold roof. This roof construction consists of steel profiles, the roof covering is galvanized trapezoid steel sheeting. The roof is drained via non-bearing galvanized drainpipes as well as down pipes installed at two corners.
The roof drainage pipes are installed behind a six-fold tilted roof parapet, consisting of galvanized steel sheeting, approx. 1 mm thick, screwed to the roof frame with brackets. The parapet is covered with a UV and weather-proof paint with 2 components. The trim is 500 mm high.


➜ Wall construction from outside in

- 0.55 mm galvanized profile sheeting, bead depth 7 mm, primed and painted in RAL colour as requested and riveted onto galvanized U-profile steel half-timered structure, the measurement of the U-profiles depends on the depth of the mineral wool insulation to be fitted
- minimum 60 mm insulation of mineral wool, product Prefizol, fire resistance as per Germand standard DIN 4102, k = 0.590 W/m²K or if applicable as per German regulation EnEV
- 0.2 mm polyethylene film as moisture barrier
- 10 mm double-sided melamine coated resin plate of proctection class FO (free of formaldehyde), product Spanatex, as per DIN 68 765, in white or light oak, riveted with aluminium blind rivets onto the galvanized U-profile steel sheeting half-timbered structure, the rivet heads will be covered by colour-coordinated plastic caps, all edges and corner connections are fitted with special plastic strips
- the outside wall is fitted with pressure cooling at the face sides, constructed from external louvered sheeting and internal plastic grid with insect protection
- a PVC pipe DN 100 is fixed between the extenal sheet and the grid as protection of the insulation


➜ Our delivery and performance scope covers:

drawings (footprints, elevations, cross-sections)
- the verifiable statics
- the heat protection survey as well as
- the welding survey as per German standard DIN EN 1090
- all documents in triple copy
- fire resistance quality F-30 to F-90 to be realised


➜ We offer you an allround service for innovative and fast room solutions

We implement everything the modern container building mode on a high level can offer - from your location analysis, the planning and organisation, the transport and packaging, the turn-key hand-over on site to the provision of services. The mobile room solutions are applicable for almost any range of application from a single unit, interconnected or up to camp dimensions.


Please talk to us. We will be happy to help you.

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