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  • Administration building consisting of 50 container modules, main area of 25.80 x 14.80 metres

  • Photo shop in the zoo,

    special measurements 6.00 x 4.40 m with a facade made of larch wood

  • Our production and administration office in Stadtlohn,


  • Loading a technical container for a biogas fermentation plant

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Schunk system buildings and container sites for industry, trade and communes

Based on our high demand on innovation and creativity, our planning team creates a harmonious architecture to be integrated in

any environment. This way entires room solutions are generated completely to your individual wishes with decisive advantages.

Schunk Mobilraum GmbH has been producing individuell, modular room systems for over 40 years. Through this we have gained

great competence in the market of special and technical containers as control rooms, control stations, power unit containers etc.



The advantages at a glance:

- cost-effective building
- short building period from the planning to the turn-key hand-over
- high level of prefabrication
- short installation period on site
- high quality standard
- manifold scope for designs
- long-lasting
- removabler

System building

Prefabricated buildings for industry and trade, module buildings
as well as halls, for example:

- schools
- hospitals
- offices and administrative buildings
- production plants
- wash halls
- buildings for any purpose

Mobile room systems / mobile buildings

- exhibition and sales pavilions
- petrol station shops
- commercial and administrative buildings
- estate and social halls
- special containers, for example
- control rooms
- control stations
- technical centres
- cash points
- kiosks
- snack bars

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