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  • Administration building consisting of 50 container modules, main area of 25.80 x 14.80 metres

  • Photo shop in the zoo,

    special measurements 6.00 x 4.40 m with a facade made of larch wood

  • Our production and administration office in Stadtlohn,


  • Loading a technical container for a biogas fermentation plant

➜ System and mobile buildings

By its variable and mobile construction technique the system building offers unlimited possibilities for the various areas of economy, industry, administration and service area. No matter how individual your demands and requirements may be, with our mobile system building modules we offer you flexible and ath the same time economical complete solutions. The interaction between innovation and creativity, functionality and economy enables building solutions with the highest quality standard. We produce functioning customised building modules made from rigid yet filigree steel construction in a pleasing design, among others.

➜ Office and administration buildings (turn-key)

Open-plan solutions for the local or municipal buildings like:

Office and administration buildings
- schools
- children nurseries
- hospitals etc.
- sales offices – designed to be visitor friendly
- foreman's offices within production halls as well as outside halls
- doorman's offices
- petrol station shops


➜ Technical containers:

technical containers
- control rooms
- control stations
- measuring stations
- transformer stations
- sound and heat protections modules
- power unit containers
- laboratories
- decontamination locks
  (i.e. for asbestos disposal)
- fermentation plant containers etc.

➜ You can find further images here


➜ Your advantages:

You have only one contact partner, from the planning of your project through to the turn-key hand-over.

Our service and delivery includes among other parts

- drawings
- footprints
- elevations
- details
- working drawings
- static details/stability survey
- heat consumption calculations and energy balance and (if at all applicable based on temporary display); in acc. with current required rules and regulations (German EnEV)
- noise and fire protection survey


The high level of prefabrication in our sites reduces the installation time on location and guarantees the continuation or only short shutdown period of your production during an extension or modification.


We supply your buildings according to your requirements
- sound and heat insulated 
- in acc. with the latest energy saving regulation
- with up-to-date technical building services complying with all current legal and other regulations


➜ The cladding

The cladding of the industrial and other buildings as our module buildings are produced from 
- trapezoid steel 
- with sheet steel sandwich elements (e.g. Hoesch panels)
- with steel boxes or
- as aluminium facade (studded cladding)
- as Trespa facade or brickwork
- with heat compound facade and finished rendering
- with different variations to meet your own personal demands


➜ The team

We have a qualified and motivated team of staff who are liable to the demands and criteria of a tested quality management system according to ISO. 
We plan and coordinate your installation for you - even with the largest equipment … 

We deliver work in the most varied trades and with different materials not only in our workshops but also on site, among others 
- foundation work 
- brickwork and rendering
- cladding
- drywall
- technical equipment (sanitary, electrical, air-conditioning, heating etc.)
- all other jobs in connection with fulfilling your order

For special tasks we cooperate with other companies who also satisfy our high demands and complement our standard of performance.

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